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Expanding Your Influence Through Usable Social Media Content with Mike Manzi

June 6, 2022

Social media has become a tool for people of all ages and walks of life — from young children to businesses.

When it comes to business, effective social media practices can provide increased outreach to potential clients.

This week, Iván Watanabe is joined by Mike Manzi, sales coach and founder of MM Sales Consulting. Mike unveils the role of social media as a tool for businesses and outlines the differences between social media platforms, ways to multitask content across multiple platforms, and tips to increase sales actively and passively.

Mike discusses:

  • What drew him to sales management
  • Ways he provides tools, leadership, and coaching for clients to increase sales
  • Why he chose TikTok as a business platform
  • The importance of usable content
  • And more!

Connect with Mike Manzi:

About Our Guest:

Mike Manzi is the founder of MM Sales Consulting. Mike is a sales coach who started as a content creator on Tik Tok. From realizing the potential of the platform to increasing followers and coaching businesses and individuals to increase their sales, Mike is all about helping continue business momentum and allowing clients to stop losing deals, keep reps from being B-players, and replace management with leadership.

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