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Strategies for Managing Single Stock Positions with Andrew McCall

January 8, 2024

Have you considered including covered calls and collars in your investment strategy? What options should you consider when looking at contracts for buying and selling investments?

Tune in as Iván Watanabe and Evan Wohl speak with Andrew McCall, regional consultant at SpiderRock Advisors. Andrew walks through some savvy options strategies, like covered calls and collars, that can help balance out the risks and tax implications while you’re working on diversifying your investment portfolio. 

Andrew discusses:

  • What are the options strategies discussed for managing single stock positions?
  • Where does SpiderRock’s technology and expertise focus in terms of customizable option solutions?
  • Why are options considered contracts for buying or selling investments at specific prices in the future?
  • What are the downsides and trade-offs of using the covered call strategy?
  • And more

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