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Strategies for Real Estate Success with Scott Shuman

February 19, 2024

Are you looking to sell your home and need insight into the current market? 

Want to know what potential buyers are looking for and what you can do to attract them? 

If you’re ready to list your house, make listening to this episode your first to-do!

Join our host Evan Wohl and his guest Scott Shuman, COO of The Sue Adler Team as they discuss the ever-changing real estate landscape. They hone in on how the pandemic and the shift in work habits are nudging folks from the hustle and bustle of city life to the quieter suburbs, and why you might want to hang on to your property as a source of income.

Should you stay or go? 

Find out as this episode highlights:

  • What caused the shift in the real estate market during Covid
  • How have rising interest rates affected buyer activity and seller hesitation
  • The importance of finding a trusted real estate advisor before making decisions about home improvements or selling
  • Why you should consider holding onto property for rental income
  • Tips and guidance on how to increase the value of your home
  • Insight into the permits and legal requirements for selling/buying
  • And more


Connect with Scott Shuman:

About Our Guest:

Scott Shuman, Morristown, grew up in Chatham and has been with The Sue Adler Team since 2010. Scott spearheads all of the team’s operations, and in a nutshell, is responsible for ensuring that the Sue Adler Team runs efficiently and effectively,  with client service always at the forefront, creating the best possible experience for our clients. If you have a conversation with Scott, it will instantly become clear how passionate he is about the real estate industry – he is one of the rare people (besides Sue), who got his real estate license as soon as he turned 18!   Scott has had his hand in almost every role in the industry from working with buyers and sellers to transaction management, to lead conversion to SEO and online marketing and everything in between.

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