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Your Child, Your Choices: Detailing Child Care Options with Emily Bishop

October 9, 2023

Being a working parent adds another level of complexity to raising a child. Whether you are a solo parent who works full-time or a parenting duo with demanding jobs, juggling your career alongside childcare is tough. 
In today’s episode of WealthStyle, we dive headfirst into the intricate world of modern childcare to help ease feelings of guilt, frustration, and sheer exhaustion. Join Iván and Evan as they have a candid conversation with their friend and client, Emily Bishop about childcare options such as daycare, nannies, and au pairs. 
Throughout this episode, Iván, Evan, and Emily discuss: 

  • Childcare options available to empower you as a parent 
  • Why choosing a nanny should be taken seriously and treated like job recruitment 
  • The importance of a contract with non-negotiables with your nanny  
  • How aligning your family values can make all the difference in your childcare choice 
  • What the National Childcare Crisis means and why you should care 
  • And more! 


Connect with Emily Bishop:

About Emily Bishop: 
Emily Bishop has over a decade of experience in fundraising, specializing in securing significant investments from high-net-worth individuals for NGOs and nonprofits. Before her career in fundraising, Emily earned a Master's in Public Policy, focusing on issues related to children, youth, and families. Her deep-rooted commitment to these issues led her to serve as a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate, where she concentrated on education and childcare policy. 
Emily currently serves on the board of the Child Care Council of Westchester, an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of childcare in Westchester County, New York. As a mother of two young children, Emily is personally invested in childcare matters. She is not only concerned about how childcare impacts individual families but is also keenly aware of its broader implications on the economy and the welfare of children at large.

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