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Working with a Financial Advisor

May 20, 2024

Navigating the twists and turns of today’s financial landscape is bound to raise a few questions.

Join Evan Wohl and Iván Watanabe as they delve into some of the most pressing financial queries and scenarios you may be facing in the current environment while highlighting the importance of having a financial advisor to help guide you. 

This conversation reflects on today’s real estate market dynamics, and the implications of interest rate changes, and expands into the broader scope of financial planning and investment strategies. 

Iván and Evan discuss:

  • The impact of the current interest rate environment on buying decisions in the real estate market
  • Strategies for navigating high mortgage rates and understanding the broader historical context of interest rates
  • The growing interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how they could fit into contemporary investment portfolios
  • The importance of asset liquidity and preparedness 
  • The value of diversified banking and safeguarding assets
  • And more


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